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Suicide Awareness Campaign

Let's talk about suicide

Look out for the signs. Look out for each other. And look after yourself

Whilst talking about suicide can be confronting and challenging, it is important to know that speaking about suicide does not increase suicidal tendencies; it can reduce stigma, suicidal ideation and lead to increased help-seeking.  It can reduce isolation as people know that they are not alone.

It isn’t easy, but it can make a difference and change lives. One aim of this Campaign is to make it easier to talk about suicide openly with our colleagues, families, friends and police veterans. It also allows people to get back to work and get their lives back on track.

This is especially important as Victoria Police is an organisation with a strong sense of ‘family and unity’, and the death of colleagues by suicide is felt deeply, whether we know them or not. 

With the support and commitment of a family that has experienced this devastating loss, this Campaign brings real messages to raise awareness of suicide and suicide prevention. To remind you what matters most and if you need to speak to someone, reach out for support, don’t struggle in silence.

For more information, please contact the Mental Health Program Office:

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