Mental Health Screening

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Noticed a change in your sleep? Has your family mentioned that you seem flat and distant? Have a sense of anxiety that isn’t going away? Keep thinking about that job? Concerned you aren’t going to adjust after leaving Victoria Police?

The new Mental Health Screening service offered by the Victoria Police Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers can help you understand what might help.  

What is Mental Health Screening?

  • Mental Health Screening is a new service offered to Victoria Police by their independent and confidential EAP provider Acacia Connection
  • Mental Health Screening will support you in making choices about your wellbeing and what support you might benefit from 
  • Mental Health Screening involves using one or more questionnaires to assess for symptoms indicative of specific mental health issues or risk factors linked to the future development of mental health issues
  • An EAP clinician will help you decide which questionnaires are most relevant to you and will discuss your results with you.

Mental Health Screening benefits

  • In a similar way to health screening for heart disease, mental health screening can also help identify ‘risk factors’ that might suggest a mental health condition is likely in the future 
  • Screening will provide you with an opportunity to make changes before any emerging symptoms require treatment or to decide what support might help if you are unsure
  • The screening covers common mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, alcohol misuse and some less frequent conditions like PTSD
  • Mental Health Screening can be conducted at all EAP locations across Victoria. 


  • The full range of independent and confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services, including mental health screening, are available to current and veteran employees and their immediate families across Victoria.


Mental Health Screening can be accessed through the Victoria Police Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers directly.